Chat Rules and Regulations

  1. Showing disrespect to other chatroulette users listed below is strictly prohibited :
    • speaking/texting vulgar language or comments that may upset others in chatroulette;
    • behaving like a racist or fainting others regarding their race or geography or religion;
    • insulting or threatening your chat companions.
  2. Offensive behavior including the things listed below is not tolerated in chatroulette:
    • being in a chat with naked chest without showing your face;
    • seducing others for virtual sex;
    • nude chatting or flaunting genital body parts or illustrating those body parts in cam to cam chat;
    • pressing or touching your genital organs;
    • being mean or obscene with other chatroulette users;
    • tilting your webcam below your chest.
  3. You can’t show another picture/video other than your face:
    • don’t fix your camera to images/pictures;
    • don’t fix your webcam towards a prewritten text;
    • webcam emulators are strictly forbidden on chatroulette;
    • tilting the webcam towards your computer screen.
  4. Spamming types listed below are not allowed:
    • Ad display in text or cam chat is not permitted;
    • putting any kind of URL that doesn’t belong to chatroulette;
    • self or any other kind or promotional activities or convincing other chatroulette users for any survey etc is prohibited.
  5. Rules regarding complaints
    • Chatroulette users can report other users violating any of the rules demonstrated above. Just take a screenshot and report to moderators and immediate action will be prevailed.
    • If any user has been reported many times then our system will ban that users, however, the system considers different factors into account before banning a user therefore the possibility of wrong ban is obsolete.

Our moderators or this chatroulette website don’t have any liability for the violation of the rules defined by us but we try our best to keep the community safe and execute the rules’ violators as soon as possible. Well, as it’s a high traffic platform and we can’t have an eye everywhere so we request the chatroulette users to cooperate and report the violators. With your mutual aid, this cam to cam chat platform could be better and easier way of communication.